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Answers To Questions About CAP Chaplaincy

  What are the requirements for CAP Chaplaincy?

•  You must meet all requirements for Civil Air Patrol senior membership
•  You must be a fully ordained or qualified clergy/religious professional of your faith group
•  You must be actively engaged in or retired from a denominationally approved vocation
•  You must obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement from a faith group listed by the Armed Forces Chaplains Board
•  You must have Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited school
•  You must possess an accredited post-baccalaureate graduate degree of at least 72 semester hours (108 quarter hours) in the field of theological or related studies
•  Clergy without an accredited graduate degree may ask for a waiver provided they have a minimum of 5 years full time pastoral experience or the equivalent
•  There is no age limit or physical examination required for CAP chaplaincy

  Will I work with other faith groups in this program?

Yes. Chaplains help ensure the free exercise of religion for all CAP personnel.

  What kinds of duties would I perform as a CAP chaplain?

CAP chaplains provide ministry of presence for all kinds of CAP events, from weekly squadron meetings to religious services at events, to emotional and spiritual support on a search and rescue mission base.

CAP chaplains may become qualified to participate in emergency services missions from local emergency response to national-level disasters.

The CAP chaplain corps provides the character development component of Civil Air Patrol's cadet program through monthly character forums. These forums use a facilitated learning model developed in coordination with the US Air Force Academy that is designed to help the upcoming generations of leaders internalize the virtues needed for ethical leadership.

CAP chaplains have privileged communication as credentialed clergy according to the laws of their respective states.

  Which faith groups may be represented by CAP chaplaincy?

CAP chaplains must be endorsed by a religious endorser recognized by the Armed Services Chaplain Board. Currently there are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist endorsers. There is a Hindu agency that is applying for endorser status, but is not yet approved by the AFCB.

  Are there other ways I can serve if my education doesn't qualify me for chaplaincy?

Yes! We also need Character Development Instrustors. CDIs facilitate character forums, work on Chaplain Support Teams in emergency services, and assist chaplains in carrying out a wide range of other duties. If becoming a Character Development Instructor interests you, please click the button below and we will be in touch!
It's easy to start a conversation about becoming a Civil Air Patrol chaplain.
Click the button below to contact us and we will be in touch.
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