Wingspan: Pillar of Body

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Civil Air Patrol Pillar of BODY

Reflection on the Pillar of Body
Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Stu Boyd
Utah Wing, Civil Air Patrol

This is the second of five posts dealing with wellness and resilience. Recalling the five pillars: Mind; Body; Relationship; Spirit; and Family – this post will focus on your Body. As much as we encourage teens to “Just Say No,” there is increasing peer pressure to experiment with, or use, alcohol and drugs. There is also evidence that teens are more susceptible to peer influences because their brain has not fully developed. In addition, several states have recently legalized the sale of marijuana making it easier for teen to obtain.
One of the keys to a healthy body is avoiding early drug or alcohol use. This article speaks to the peer pressures that teens face to “join in the crowd” and experiment or use. The information provided is taken from an blog article published by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. There are many other excellent resources related to teen drug use at their website.

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