Chaplain Corps Provides Key Effort Leading to New CAP Five Pillars Wellness Model

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On 4 September, the National Headquarters and National Commander released the new Five Pillars of Wellness and Resilience for all CAP members and family.

On 4 September 2018, national commander of the Civil Air Patrol, Major General Mark Smith, released the new Five Pillars of Wellness and Resilience model for all units for a national effort to support National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  According to Smith, “The five pillars are Mind, Body, Relationships, Spirit, and Family.  They represent the focus areas that contribute to our personal level of ‘wellness.’ This personal wellness enables us to operate at our best, sustaining us during times of stress and making us resilient to the difficulties of life.  This helps us to be successful as CAP Volunteer Airmen.”   

The Five Pillars model is the work of Smith’s National Task Force for Resilience and Suicide Prevention.  Serving on the task force is the national Chief of Chaplains, Chaplain (Colonel) Charlie Sattgast and the chair of the Chaplain Corps’ Spiritual Resilience Team, Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Tim Miner.

It was the work of Miner and the dozen members of the chaplain corps who have been supporting efforts to ensure spiritual and emotional resilience in the corps’ work, that were the source of the final version of the model used nationally by the organization.  Begun in 2016, the team originally consisted of Miner and chaplain corps members from the Virginia Wing:  Chaplain (Major) Reginald Burgess, Chaplain (Captain) David Bowerman, Chaplain (Captain) Mark Flores, and 2nd. Lt. (Dr.) Susan Luck, a character development instructor, along with California Wing member, Chaplain (Major) Mike Morison.  Added in 2018 were Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Nancy Smalley of the Southwest Region, and Chaplains Christopher Smith, T.J. Jenney, Kenneth Nutter, and Josiah Hoagland.

Learn more about the Five Pillars of Wellness and Resilience on this website. 

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