Northeast Region Chaplains Assist After Wing Tragedy

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NER CHAPLAIN CORPS STAFF COLLEGE: Assist in local squadron tragedy
by Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Adma Ross,
Connecticut Wing, Civil Air Patrol

Arriving at the NER Chaplain Corps Staff College held at Camp Niantic, attendees learned the tragic news that a former cadet, Shalymar Herrera of the nearby CT Stratford Eagles Composite Squadron, was one of two killed following a fatal auto accident on Sunday night. Two others, also former cadets, were hospitalized.  Squadron Chaplain Major Eric Wismar, attending the staff college, called upon college attendees, some Spanish-speaking, to assist at a squadron meeting held on Tuesday night for the families of the deceased and surviving victims. Responding to the call that evening, Chaplain, Captain Leia Eisenhower (NY); CDI Lt Col David Hernandez (CT); Chaplain, Captain Larry Johnson (CT); CDI Lt Col Ronald Rudolph (CT); Chaplain, Captain Lucy Pierre (PA); and Chaplain, Captain Mark Shulman (PA) provided care through their ministry of prayer and presence.

More information on the accident appears on the Civil Air Patrol newsfeed:

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