Civil Air Patrol Sabbath and Sunday Is Coming the First Weekend in December

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Civil Air Patrol Sabbath/Sunday will take place again on the weekend of 1-3 December.

Since 1972, the Civil Air Patrol Board of Governors has authorized the wearing the USAF blue-uniform or the CAP corporate equivalent to worship services during the first weekend of the month of December which corresponds with the 1 December anniversary of the creation of CAP.  The weekend is called “CAP Sabbath/Sunday.”

When asked by a new chaplain on the event, the Chief of the Chaplain Corps, Chaplain (Colonel) Charlie Sattgast, responded with these words:

“The big thing is to show up in uniform to promote CAP’s visibility. Here is a message Chaplain Jeff Williams [Rocky Mountain Region Chaplain] just sent out to his wing chaplains. Very good guide:

Could you remind your wings that 1-3 DEC is to be celebrated as CAP Sabbath / Sunday? Each member who attends services at a house of worship should wear their CAP uniform and be prepared to answer questions about CAP.

It may be that clergy might allow for a short explanation of why the member is wearing the uniform and what CAP represents. (Note, for those senior members working towards their Level IV — Garber, this may fulfill the ‘Public presentation to a non-CAP group’ requirement per CAPR 50-17. If they so desire said credit, they should ask for a letter thanking them for the presentation so to document the activity.) Your members certainly can request to make such a presentation.

You should also remind your members that the most appropriate uniform is the Class A (or corporate equivalent), followed by the Class B (or corporate equivalent). We should avoid wearing the utility uniforms or the polo shirt uniform for this occasion. In addition, we should meet the appropriate grooming standards. Uniforms should be complete (name tags, proper grade insignia, etc.) in accordance with CAPM 39-1. Remember, this is a public appearance.

You might want to ask your members to have photos taken of them at their respective houses of worship to submit to the wing and region Public Affairs Officers.

CAP Sabbath / Sunday observances commemorate the founding of this organization on 1 DEC 1941. We continue to serve our community, state, and nation as the premier volunteer organization, so we should be proud to represent the 60,000 CAP members.”

The official information on CAP Sabbath/Sunday is found at:

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