A Vibrant Future Is the Vision of the New Chief of Chaplain Corps

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Ch, Col Charlie Sattgast
Chaplain (Colonel) Charlie Sattgast is the Chief of Chaplain Corps of the Civil Air Patrol.

On Wednesday, 30 August 2017, at the conclusion of the annual meeting of the Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Corps’ Executive and Advisory Councils at the national conference, the incoming Chief of Chaplains, Chaplain (Colonel – Select) Charles “Charlie” Sattgast took the microphone to give his vision for the future of the corps. He had two items to share with everyone in the room.

Vision for Chaplain Corps Regional Staff Colleges

First, Chaplain Sattgast wanted the corps to emphasize the importance of the Region Chaplain Corps Staff Colleges. He felt that they should be more standardized so that they are the seat of continuing education for the corps and not just a “two-and-done” to achieve promotion.

“We have become family in the chaplain corps,” he said. “As the stewards of the core values we are the soul of Civil Air Patrol. We are the heart of CAP. Our staff colleges need to be the very best they can be so that the corps can increase its relevancy and maintain its vibrancy into the future.”

Then Chaplain (Colonel-Select) Charlie Sattgast gave his vision for the future of the corps during the annual meeting of the corps’ Executive and Advisory Councils at the national conference in San Antonio.
Vision for Recruitment and Retention

Chaplain Sattgast’s second focus area is on the recruiting and retention of the best chaplains and character development instructors possible. He emphasized the importance of the regulatory changes that are coming, and educating commanders.

“I want a vibrant corps of both chaplains and CDIs,” the future chief announced.

Sattgast also emphasized the importance of carrying the baton passed on by his predecessor, Chaplain Jay Hughes. “We have a large agenda of

projects in the works that we need to bring in for a good landing, including our new Character Development program.”

“Our cadets are the future leaders of our world,” Sattgast said. “We need to have a passion to impact the hearts and minds of our cadets as they become the very best citizens of our country.”

A growing, vibrant corps is the new chief’s vision for the future. It is a future as bright as the sun and as expansive as the sky, all in the domain of the Civil Air Patrol.

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