CAP Chaplains Support A Federal Need

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The National Response Coordination Center of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is located in Washington, DC.

On Tuesday, 5 September, responding to an urgent request from the leadership of the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) of the Federal Emergency Management Agency​ (FEMA), Civil Air Patrol​ chaplains will start around-the-clock support and a ministry-of-presence to the workers and volunteers staffing the nation’s heart of its disaster recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey and preparing for Hurricane Irma. The wing chaplains from the National Capital Wing and Virginia Wing have the first two 12 hour shifts and will serve as the leadership team for mission chaplains responding from their wings, the Maryland Wing and Middle East Region. CAP chaplains will be the continuous presence at the site and will be augmented by chaplains from local faith-based disaster-response organizations and first-responder chaplains from fire and police agencies during surge periods.

According to its own information, “The National Response Coordination Center is a multiagency center that coordinates the overall Federal support for major incidents and emergencies. The National Response Coordination Center coordinates with the affected region(s) and provides resources and policy guidance in support of the incident. The National Response Coordination Center staff consists of FEMA personnel, appropriate Emergency Support Functions from various federal agencies, and other appropriate personnel/agencies. The staff specifically provides emergency management coordination, planning, resource deployment, and collects and disseminates disaster information as it builds and maintains situational awareness—all at the national-level. The National Response Coordination Center is located inside FEMA headquarters in Washington D.C.”


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