The First Class of “Trainers” Graduates to Support the new Chaplain Emergency Services School (ChESS)

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The capability of Civil Air Patrol chaplain corps personnel to respond and support the Emergency Services mission is improving.  From 22 to 28 January 2017, chaplains and Character Development Instructors from around the country attended the first “train-the-trainers” course to support a new curriculum for Civil Air Patrol Mission Chaplains and the new Chaplain Support Specialist ratings.  The class took place at the National Headquarters building on Maxwell AFB.  The most important task was to create a cadre to support the new training at Camp Atterbury this summer.

The new Emergency Services (ES) School has been established as an additional training venue for CAP Chaplain Corps personnel (Chaplains/CDIs) and is now a permanent addition to CAP National Emergency Services Academy (NESA). It will be operated under the umbrella of the Incident Command System School, directed by Col Ricky Oeth. This school will provide ES training for Chaplain Corps personnel comparable to the training received by all other ES and operations disciplines in CAP. The curriculum and mission training activity will ensure that the Chaplain Corps is fully trained, ready and able to give Chaplain Support to all CAP Missions; real-world, large-scale disaster missions; and, Air Force Support missions.

First Row – CDI, Col Kenneth Parris, Ch, Lt Col Ronny Whitt, Ch, Lt Col Nancy Smalley, Ch, Lt Col Alvianette Kennedy,
Ch, Lt Col Linda Pugsley – ChESS/TTT Instructor, Ch Lt Col Marcus Taylor – ChESS Director/TTT Instructor, Ch Lt Col Steven Thomas, Ch Capt Michael Morison
Second Row – Ch, Lt Col Donald Mikitta, Ch Lt Col John Joslin, Ch Lt Col Wayne Byerly, Ch, Lt Col Sergio Freeman,
Ch, Lt Col Van Don Williams – ChESS Instructor/TTT Registrar, Ch, Lt Col Gary Eno
Third Row – Ch, Lt Col David Smelser, Ch, Capt Kevin Massey, Ch, Lt Col Harrell Cobb
Not pictured – Ch, Capt Joseph Breault, Colonel Rickey Oeth – NESA ICSS Commandant

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