National Aviation Day—August 19

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Where Is Orville?

On National Aviation Day, August 19, the nation celebrates the anniversary of the birthday of Orville Wright. Starting this Friday, NASA invites you to join the celebration of flight and everything it makes possible by taking our Orville flying squirrel along with you and posting a picture with the hashtag #WhereIsOrville.

Our heritage in aviation research goes back more than 100 years. We’ve helped air travel become a safe, reliable form of transportation. But wersquo;re not finished. Wersquo;re working to transform aviation into something even better by perfecting new technologies, including those that could lead to shape-shifting wings, electric propulsion and the return of commercial supersonic flight.

Every U.S. commercial aircraft and every U.S. air traffic control tower has NASA-developed technology on board.

NASA is with you when you fly!

This National Aviation Day Use social media to tell us where your Orville is on the day we celebrate flight.

Where Is Orville?

Print me! Write in your location, take a photo and post starting August 19.

Take a selfie with Orville, or a regular photo of him in your location. Be sure to write in where you are.

  1. Download and Print Your Orville
    Click here to download your Orville and print him out. We recommend printing a few copies so that you can post pictures from several different locations if you want!
    Use the entire sheet in your photo, or, cut along the dotted line to release Orville from the page.
  2. Starting Friday, August 19, take photos.
    Are you going to be at an airport? Are you already on vacation at a place that you reached by air? Do you work in the aviation community—at a company, organization or agency that has something to do with flight? Are you at school for aeronautics or aerospace? Are you a pilot or member of a flight crew? Do you work at an airport?
    On the “@” line, write where you are and then take a selfie or regular photo while holding your Orville.
  3. Post, and be sure to tag your posts with #WhereIsOrville.
  4. Watch NASA Aeronautics social media accounts to see if we like your post.
    Twitter: @NASAAero
    Facebook: like us at “NASA Aeronautics”
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