2016 Southeast Region Chaplain Corps Staff College

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SER Staff College 20162016 Southeast Region Chaplain Corps Staff College (SER CCSC)

Chaplain, Lt Col Marcus L Taylor, 2016 SER CCSC Director
The 2016 Southeast Region Chaplain Corps Staff College (2016 SER CCSC) was held on base at the Moody AFB, Georgia, from 09 – 12 May 2016, with our travel days to and from the college location taking place on Monday the 9th of May and Thursday the 12th of May respectively.

We were graciously hosted and supported again this year by Chaplain, Lt Col Kim Bowen, the 23rd Wing/HC and his staff, who went out of their way once again to make us feel comfortable and at home in the Chapel Annex Facility.

The following is a description of the College Curriculum designed and carried out for the 2016 SER Chaplain Corps Staff College: CAP Emergency Services: 17.0 hours (Presented in a four [4] part offering)

Part 1 (8.0 hours) of our ES training was facilitated this year by Col James Rushing, CAP/FEMA Liaison Officer for the ARDENT Sentry Project, who led us in a major Tabletop Mission Exercise (TTX). The mission was based upon the current focus of the 2016 ARDENT SENTRY PROJECT. The exercise scenario involved a major Earthquake event that takes place on the Northwest coastal area of the US, with a major impact to the Washington State and Northern California areas. The damage effects of this occurrence were predicted to so severely impact the area, that CAP assets in the area would be rendered useless, causing a need for major support from CAP resources outside of the PCR area. The SER personnel and resources would be considered of vital importance to support such a crisis event. This exercise carried an actual CAP Mission number so that participants were able to obtain the necessary credit hours needed for establishing or maintaining their Mission Chaplain/Emergency Services qualifications and/or status. (See additional pictures below)

Part 2 (4.5 hours) of our ES training engaged college participants in a Virtual Tabletop Exercise based on an Oil spill scenario. The Training/Mission Number for this exercise was FEMA VTTX V0031 (Bakken Oil). This Virtual Tabletop Training Exercise (VTTX) was designed around the realistic scenario of an actual late summer, oil spill event. The purpose of this exercise was to provide participants with an opportunity to assess their preparedness, response and recovery protocols, plans, and capabilities to the event. Participants were involved locally and participated virtually in the conduct of the VTTX. Participants engaged in facilitated discussions within their organizations to address the challenges presented by the event, and then shared those outcomes with the virtual community of participants. Discussions focused on emergency responder coordination, critical decision-making, and the integration of resources necessary to prepare for, respond to and recover from the event. Each organization’s preparedness and resilience was critical to the response and restoration efforts in their region. In addition, participants focused on interdisciplinary and interagency coordination both at the federal, local, state, and/or regional levels. Upon completion of this exercise, participants received a FEMA Certificate of Completion. (See pictures below)

Part 3 (2.0 hours) of our ES training engaged college participants in the details that pertain to Spiritual Resiliency, conducted by Chaplain, Lt Col Marcus Taylor, College Director, and Secretary of the Chaplain Corps. This training was in line with our response to fulfill the mandate of the 2016 – 2020 CAP Strategic Plan that has identified Suicide Prevention and Spiritual Resiliency as training focuses for all CAP personnel. Spiritual Resiliency, according to the USAF mindset for developing “Comprehensive Airman Fitness” consists of the following:

•The goal of Spiritual Resilience is to examine the relationship between your spiritual faith, core beliefs and resilience
•To promote an understanding of spiritual resilience and provide an opportunity for participants to strengthen their spiritual fitness
•Develop a Spiritual Reminder

Part 4 (2.5 hours) of our ES training engaged college participants in the details that pertain to Mission Preparedness, conducted by Chaplain, Lt Col Linda Pugsley, FLWG/HC. Participants were exposed to those processes necessary to be adequately prepared to respond and give Chaplain Corps support to any emergency scenario that CAP may be called upon to respond to. The training focused on the three (3) phases of the preparation process: 1) Pre-deployment 2) Deployment 3) Post-deployment. An interactive role play was also done to simulate the process of checking into Mission Base during the Deployment phase of a Mission, as well as the dynamics of setting up the area of operations for Chaplain Support by the Chaplain Support Team. (See below)

CAP Operations (CAP Governance, Regulation Revisions, Chaplain Corps Vision):

We were privileged again this year to have our National Chief of the Chaplain Corps, Chaplain, Col Jay Hughes, with us to conduct these sessions. Attention was given to the various changes that have or will take place in the CAP. Further attention was given to changes taking place in the CAP Chaplain Corps relative to the 3-year vision and plan of the Chief relative to the Chaplain Corps structure and operations, as well as, an in depth look at the new Chaplain Corps regulations, programs and publications.

In-service briefings and training: (Issues specific to SER operational status)

Col George B. Melton, SER/CC, also graced us with his presence and participation. He provided us with briefings on the work of CAP, with specific focus on the operational accomplishments of the Southeast Region (SER), and gave us a briefing on the status of the Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Corps in the SER. He was also on hand to take part in our VTTX exercise and our closing Awards Banquet activities.
Special Emphasis Activities (Safety Briefings, Devotionals and Worship Activity):

These activities were ably done by the SER Wing/HCs and designated CCSC Staff. (See pictures below. Shown L to R: Chaplains Cooter, Johnson, Freeman and Callwood)

The total classroom hours for the 2016 SER CCRSC (plus additional fellowship opportunities, awards presentations, banquet, interaction over meals, and self-initiated recreation) = 30 Total College hours. The college was rounded out with our Awards Banquet held in the Field Hall Officers Club. We were privileged again to have Chaplain Bowen to be our guest speaker, and were treated to another very inspiring and encouraging message by him focusing on the effects of our commitment to serve.

AND THE DINNER MENU WAS MAGNIFICENT! The meal, served buffet-style was exceptional, and most enjoyable. An added plus to this year’s college was the attendance of four of our spouses: Mrs. Jeanne Jordan, wife of Chaplain, Lt Col Terry Jordan, FLWG; Mrs. Rebecca Moral, wife of CDI, Major Jegime Moral; Mrs. Susan Atchley, wife of Chaplain, Lt Col Robert Atchley, FLWG; and, Mrs. Katherine Joslin, wife of Chaplain, Lt Col John Joslin of the TNWG. We were happy to give recognition to various individuals whose selfless service and sacrifices have helped to make the work of the SER Chaplain Corps and Chaplain Corps Staff College a tremendous success story during my tenure as Director from 2011 to 2016. It was particularly gratifying to give special honor to Chaplain, Lt Col James Howell, who was attending his last SER CCSC as Southeast Region Chaplain (SER/HC), as he will conclude his tenure in this duty assignment in August of this year. (See pictures below)

2016 SER CCSC Group Picture (Seated: Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Atchley, Mrs. Jordan, Chaplain, Lt Col Linda Pugsley, FLWG/HC, Mrs. Moral and Mrs. Joslin. Front Row Standing L to R: Chaplains Kim Bowen, Marcus Taylor, Harold Johnson, James Howell, Terry Jordan, Oscar Cope, David Smelser, CDI Jegime Moral, Chaplain Daniel Hyde and Col George Melton. Back Row Standing L to R: Chaplains Eric Cooter, Eugene Brown, Sergio Freeman, Robert Atchley, Thomas Shores, Frank Gough, Col James Rushing, Chaplains Van Don Williams, John Joslin and Perry Jennings.) I wish to give an enormous thank you to Chaplain, Lt Col Jim Howell, SER/HC, whose no-nonsense leadership and dedication to the SER Chaplain Corps, and the entire 2016 SER CCSC Staff, inclusive of the SER Wing/HCs, for their help, support and dedication, which allows us to conduct the top quality, high level CCSCs that have been held in these past five (5) years in the SER. The work and dedication of these individuals has made the task of producing and conducting this year’s college an achievable task.

Serving on this year’s staff was:
1) Chaplain, Lt Col Jim Howell, SER/HC – SER Head Chaplain, College Asst. Director
2) Chaplain, Lt Col Marcus L Taylor, CAP Chaplain Corps Sec – SER CCSC Director
3) Chaplain, Lt Col Van Don Williams, SER/HCD – College Registrar/Treasurer
4) Chaplain, Lt Col Oscar T Cope, GAWG – SER CCSC Event Chaplain
5) Chaplain, Lt Col Linda Pugsley, FLWG/HC – College Devotion Leader/Presenter
6) Chaplain, Lt Col David Smelser, MSWG/HC – College Devotion Leader
7) Chaplain, Lt Col Sergio Freeman, TNWG/HC – College Devotion Leader/Musician
8) Chaplain, Maj Sherwin Callwood, FLWG – College Safety Officer
9) Col James Rushing, CAP/FEMA Liaison Officer – College Guest Presenter
10) Col George B. Melton, SER/CC – College Guest Presenter
11) Chaplain, Col James Hughes, CAP/HC – College Guest Presenter
12) Chaplain, Lt Col Harold Johnson, FLWG – Professional Development Advisor
13) Chaplain, Maj Perry Jennings, GAWG – College Photographer/Videographer
14) CDI, Lt Col Bob Maxey & Major Vernie Robbins, FLWG – CDI Curriculum Consultants

In all our 2016 SER CCSC was a great success. We enjoyed again this annual event that allows us the opportunity to come together as members of the CAP Chaplain Corps to learn, train and prepare for service; to renew and maintain old friendships while enjoying the oneness and fellowship of our Corps; the opportunity to share our lives and our stories with one another; the time to break bread together; to memorialize those who are no longer with us, and give recognition to those to whom it is due; to be encouraged, challenged and uplifted mentally and spiritually; and, to be rewarded for our efforts in the end. It was my pleasure and honor to serve with each of you, and I pray God’ blessing upon each of you as you continue to sacrifice and give service to God, country, community and the CAP.

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