Connection With Air Force Grows Stronger

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Ch Hughes and SECAF Deborah Lee James
Chaplain, Colonel Jay Hughes and Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James

The Secretary of the Air Force, Deborah Lee James, visited Civil Air Patrol Headquarters on May 4, 2016 and met with the Chief of the CAP Chaplain Corps, Chaplain, Colonel Jay Hughes. Chaplain Hughes had the opportunity to brief the Secretary on the roles and readiness of the CAP Chaplain Corps and speak with her about our unique volunteer dynamic.

Ms. James learned that we have over 500 chaplains and an additional 500 CDIs who are responsible for writing and teaching the CAP Character Development Program.

Hughes also described the Disaster Relief, Emergency Services, Search and Rescue, and Emotional and Spiritual Care missions the CAP Chaplain Corps performs in support of the Air Force.

CAP Chaplains also provide direct support to the Air Force by working with Air Force chaplains and installations.

Growing Opportunities

Chaplain Hughes will be attending an Air Force Chaplain’s Summit in San Antonio, Texas, on May 12 to meet with fifty chaplains in top leadership from the Air Force, Air Guard, and Air Force Reserve who will be discussing the future of chaplaincy missions within the Total Force. He will be attending a similar meeting at the end of May.

Chaplain Hughes feels that his briefing with the Secretary of the Air Force and his inclusion in the Air Force Chaplain Corps summit meetings are important steps toward an expanding role for the CAP Chaplain Corps in the Total Force.

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