About CAP Chaplains

The CAP Chaplain Corps is an organization of endorsed and appointed clergy whose mission is to oversee the moral and spiritual welfare of CAP members and to guide them in living out CAP's core values. CAP Chaplain and Cadet

What is a chaplain and what do we do?

  • A chaplain is an officer who is a member of the clergy and is appointed and endorsed as CAP chaplain
  • Chaplains represent their various faith groups and support the pluralistic ministry of the CAP Chaplain Corps
  • Chaplains are able to advise on religious, ethical, moral, and morale issues confronting the commander and his/her subordinates
  • Chaplains are trained to provide caring and appropriate crisis response
  • Chaplains are also equipped to provide counsel or referral for squadron members who are facing challenges
  • Chaplains have clergy privileged communication protection by the respective laws of their states, so the chaplain can provide a safe confidential sounding board
  • It is the chaplain’s job to watch out for the wellbeing of every person in the squadron, to serve as a unit’s moral and ethical thermostat, and to keep the commander apprised of any issues or concerns
  • It is the chaplain’s job to help ensure the constitutional guarantee of free exercise of religion for every CAP member
  • Chaplains are there to help provide for the religious needs of all squadron members. This can include brief services at events, and helping members find other religious resources
  • Chaplains have rank without command
  • CAP chaplains are the only members of CAP who can directly serve Air Force active, Reserve, and Guard units
  • Chaplains are always addressed as Chaplain, regardless of grade
If you would like to find a CAP chaplain near you, or are interested in becoming a CAP chaplain please contact us..

Chaplaincy FAQs

CAP Reg 265-1 defines the requirements for CAP chaplaincy.

  • You must meet all requirements for Civil Air Patrol senior membership (see CAPR 39-2, Civil Air Patrol Membership).
  • You must be a fully ordained or qualified clergy/religious professional of their faith group.
  • You must be actively engaged in or retired from a denominationally approved vocation.
  • You must obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement from a faith group listed by the Armed Forces Chaplains Board
  • You must have Bachelor’s Degree from institution listed in ACE Higher Education Directory.
  • You must possess a post-baccalaureate graduate degree of at least 72 semester hours (108 quarter hours) in the field of theological or related studies from a qualifying educational institution.
  • Clergy without accredited graduate degree may ask for a waiver providing they have a minimum of 5 years full time pastoral experience.
  • Contact your wing chaplain for an application (CAP Form 35)
Learn more about becoming a CAP Chaplain
  • Yes. Chaplains help ensure the free exercise of religion for all CAP personnel.
  • See CAP Reg 265-2, The Covenant and Code of Ethics for CAP Chaplains, for full details.
  • Begin with a Chaplain Application Form (CAP Form 35)
  • File a Chaplain Statistical Report at the end of June and December each year (online)
  • Conduct religious interviews with cadets and senior members (CAP Form 48).